Representative O'Day Looks Forward to Another Two Years

I would just like to take the time to say thank you to all of my supporters who have chosen to re-elect me, instilling their faith in me for another 2 years of representing the 14th Worcester District. 

I am extremely humbled for this vote of confidence and look forward to continuing my advocacy on Beacon Hill on a diverse range of issues.  I will continue to stand up for everything from improving quality and access to education and job creation.  I will continue to fight for services for the elderly, disabled, and disenfranchized.  I will continue to make sure that Worcester and West Boylston are well represented and spoken for, and will continue to ensure that our region and its programs are funded adequatley and equitably. 

Please continue to check back for more updates as my staff and I head into the 188th Session of the General Court of Massachusetts.  I look forward to another 2 years, and am excited to affect positive change and meaningful policy on Beacon Hill.